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Communicating aestetically with all 3 dimensions
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Welcome to Hermann Miller 3D MEDIA

Communicating aestetically with all 3 dimensions.

We produce 3D shows/videos
We offer 3D-stereoscopic consultancy

We create award winning 3D
(Award for best 3D show at Paris-Chelles media festival 2005 (www.multiphot.com) with 4 video projector show for intaura, Dornbirn (Austria).

Projects include:
3D film on Sanremo.
3D video - Coca Cola tram in Milan.
3D show for trade show stand of IBM.
3D multivision at Oetzi (iceman) museum ArcheoParc.

Hermann Miller 3D MEDIA has been creating 3D shows/videos for more than 15 years
within the fields of documentary, culture and industry.
For museums, trade shows, conventions and exhibitions.
3D-stereoscopic consulting and stereographer services.

3D for every budget, just call us!

3D imitates human vision
3D imaging imitates the two-eyed human vision, by showing to each eye a separate, different image. Each one has the subject positioned and offset against the other. Through this massive manipulated positioning of the eyes the apparent 3D view is controlled.

To see in 3D one needs both eyes, and because of their position they have a slightly different viewing angle. Therefore objects are in a different position on the 3D screen for each eye. This means the eye's positions are actually controlled by the 3D movie.
It is therefore important that one must KNOW EXACTLY how and by how much to move the eyes of the audience !!!

No eye irritations
If these eye positions and movements do not follow the natural physiologic rules of the human eyes, it provokes irritation, or dizziness and can even result in a headache.
Therefore it is clear, that with our 3D Productions we respect these physiologic rules of YOUR eyes, avoiding eye irritation caused by using cheap and exaggerated effects.

Competent 3D consultancy is crucial for any production in 3D!
Hermann is consultant to many 3D projects lsuch as movies and commercials:
- Hermann masters all theoretical and technical details in 3D Stereoscopy
- Hermann has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience of realized projects.
- Herman speaks not only "in 3D" of deviation and convergence limits, but also in "normal" plain English, Italian and German to explain all these stereoscoopic rules.
- Hermann finds solutions for unforseen problems that, as we know, will always occur.
- Hermann is an asset to your own team.

If you plan a documentary 3D show or movie:
Our team is keen on doing a great job for you.
We work fast, we are cost effective and work stereoscopically under high precision following the standards of the German Stereoscopic Society DGS
We follow YOUR wishes and requirements and do not force any differing "artistic" version.
We have realized 3D projects and movies in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, and have taken part in 3D movie projects in France and the U.K.

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HERMANN MILLER 3D-MEDIA - Ofenbergstr.42 - 34466 Wolfhagen - Tel. 0170-4622008 - hermann.miller.3d(att)t-online.de - Brühlstr. 32 - 88299 Leutkirch
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