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3D movie "Ignite the emotions of Christmas"
This movie features the Tram covered with thousands of lights as Christmas illumination touring the city of Milano.
Sponsored by Coca Cola, the tram was a magnet for visitors and Christmas shoppers and gave a special mood wherever it appeared. The project was part of the Christmas lighting festival LED (light exhibition design), where artists from around the world do artistic light installations. The movie was also shown at the gala dinner of the festival in the Palazzo Reale of Milan.

3D movie "Sanremo ti amo" at Ariston Theatre Sanremo
This 25 minute movie about the marvelous city and its people was produce in cooperation with Sole Liguria S.A.S. acency for the promotion of the Riviera, and the festival theatre Ariston in Sanremo. The movie is a declaration of love to the city and its hinterland, giving a colorful arc of impressions from the famous flowers to the antique center and from the casino to the millionaries yachts in the port. The movie is acompanied by an emotional text from the famous poet and writer Giuseppe Conte, a Sanremo resident. www.weekendliguria.com http://soleliguria.cms5

3D trade show presentation for IBM Italia at Milan
For IBM Forum (IBM department for innovative technologies) we realized for the SMAU computer trade fair at Milan short versions of our 3D shows as well as a projection of 3D videos and images of mixed aplication areas of 3D, from archeology to medicine to zoology. It was realized as an interactive application based on IBM hardware and touch screen technology. In cooperation with Franco Gengotti, Monza and Andrea Antonini, Milano.

DVDs in 3D about Israel
3D photography and 3D technical consulting for the production of the DVDs in 3D, in co-operation with Franco Gengotti, for a Media company near Haifa, Israel.

3D show about the new Feldbergsteig hiking trail
Here the diversity of nature and the beauty of the landscapes around the natural reserve Feldberg get presented to the spectators. The show serves as invitation for the 6-hour circular hike around the reserve. http://www.schwarzwald-tourismus.info

3D Show about the Südschwarzwal Nature Park
The second show presents to the audience the Naturpark Südschwarzwald (Natural Park of the Southern Black Forest). The narrators are real farmers from the region that do cultural-political cabaret and present their Black Forest. http://www.blackforest-tourism.com

3D Show on the Black Forest around the year 1900
After the enormous success of the first two shows, we realized another 3D show, this time based on historic images. Because they were in medium format, it was possible to zoom in and do an animated movie-like presentation. The music was written and recorded live by a pianist.

3D Show with 180-degree projection in the Emporer's Castle, Innsbruck
Realisation of the triumph parade of Emperor Maximilians I. from around 1510 as a virtual, 3-dimensional parade across the 180 degree screens of the room.

3D Show, 180° projection at the IDRO Ecomuseo in Ridracoli (Emiglia Romagna, Italy)
The 3D show running on a big-format screen at the front gets perfectly combined with seamless side projections in order to create a 180 degree all-around experience. http://www.atlantide.net/

Digital 3D Show in the exhibition on top of Zugspitze
On top of the highest mountain of Germany we created a big-size 3-D projection with control of a special effects wind machine, rain in front of the audience and thunderstorm lightning. http://www.zugspitzbahn.at/

3D documentation of the last coal mine of France
3D photography and cooperation with the production of the documentary in an international team (french, english, german). The show was presented to over 16.000 visitors during the event of closing the mine.

RODENSTOCK Munich, department eye glasses
3-D images for demonstration of the viewing impressions of the different types of lenses of RODENSTOCK. Trade show presentation of the images as sequence in a sound syncronized 3D viewer in german and italian language.

Digital 3D Panorama show for Inatura, nature experience museum, Dornbirn, Austria
Realisation of 3 installations: 3D Show about humans and nature "Mensch und Natur" in the projection room, 3D panoramic show over 4 projectors "beauty of nature" on a giant screen in the main exhibition as well as a Multivision show on the earlier casting industry which the building was housing in Monarchy times.
The nature show won first prize for 3D productions at Chelles Media Festival 2005 at Paris.

3D multivision show on the man from the ice, ArcheoParc, Val Senales, Italy
In the exhibition we realized the finding place, highlight of the museum tour. In our 3D show „The last way of the man from the ice“ the audience experiences how the last days of Oetzi might have been. The 3D projection is embedded in a room-high projection that includes the ceiling.

Glacier experience, National Park Hohe Tauern, Matrei in Osttirol, Austria
3D glacier experience projection in the exhibition room of the National Park house. The 3D image and sound impressions are made fitting to the artificial glacial river below the glass pavement of the room.

3D Show for Heimatmuseum Reutlingen:
Production of the 3D Show "Traveling to Reutlingen 1862", based on very early stereo photos of the south of Stuttgart area.

3D photos and 3D Viewer for Hugo Boss AG, Metzingen:
3-D photography of the new fashion collection and production of 3D cardboard viewers.

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